Agricultural Land in Sonipat

Sonepat is an agricultural district where many people still rely on agriculture for their livelihood. There is a lot of Agricultural land in Sonepat as it is basically an agricultural district. A major part of land here is used for agriculture itself and most people that live in villages of Sonepat are basically farmers. The agricultural land here is very good for farming and is among the most productive soils of India. There are also plenty of water resources available in the area in the form of underground water resources and canals and also there is the River Yamuna that flows along the border of Sonepat with Uttar Pradesh providing ample refill for the underground water reserves. Almost every type of harvest can be grown in the area whether it is wheat, paddy, sugarcane, fruits of various kinds and almost all kinds of vegetable. The selling of the crop is also very easy in the area as there are grains markets and food markets are available in the area and the demand is also very good. To encourage farming more in the area an International Horticulture terminal is also being constructed in the district which will attract not only domestic farmers but also the international farmers to the area.

The price of land in Sonepat is very high due to its fertility and the real estate development going on in Sonepat. Almost all the land on the GT Karnal Road is already sold for real estate development in the area and there is hardly any land in this belt of Sonepat which is available for sale in case of agricultural purposes. Most of the land provided for real estate development is provided by the Haryana government through the acquirement of land for local people by paying them hefty sums for their land. Besides this belt there is plenty of land available for agricultural purposes in the rest of the area and that also at very good prices. All the land is very fertile and with water resources available for irrigation of the land. The government is also encouraging the farming in the area by providing tax perks and rebates on farming in the district and also providing resources to support the farming such as electricity and canals.

If you are interested in agriculture in the area then it is the right place for you. The prices for land in the area may be a little more as compared to the other areas but it is fair as the quality of land is superior to any other land in addition to the facilities provided to the farmers in the area. If you are interested in buying farm lands or any other kind of real estate in the area, then do visit us at