Home Construction Tips for Indians 2015

Construction of any building or Home contains so many of steps; these steps are critical and mind confusing for you.
There are so many factors on which you have to think while constructing your dream home.
     ·        Choose Location

     ·        Availability of utilities

     ·        Surroundings infrastructure

     ·        Choose a Contractor

     ·        Apply for the necessary permits

     ·        Plan out the Budget

     ·        Hire an interior designer and an architect

     ·        Choose a plumber

     ·        Think about flooring

     ·        Wooden work (Doors/Windows)

     ·        Simple Kitchen VS Modular Kitchen

     ·        Modular Light switches

   1)    Choose Location: first step is to choose location where you want to build your dream home, Choose   location according to your comforts, the location must be near to all the social places like Bus stand, Railway station, Markets and Health services. Because you have to spend your life at this location only, so choose location very intelligently.

   2)    Availability of resources and utilities: you must have a close look at the resources and utilities available at the location or in the surroundings, like water availability, and electricity conditions in that area.

   3)     Surroundings infrastructure: Surroundings around your home location must be developed. We mean to say, there must be nice people surroundings around your home and the area must be well developed, so that you can live some social life there around your home, the location must not be far from the city, it must be easily approachable and it must be well connected with public transport facility.

   4)    Choose a contractor: this step is very important while building the home, you must choose an experienced contractor to build your dream home, because only an experienced contractor is can faithful and dependable, you must check his recently developed projects, you must talk to his previous clients about his services, about his work, it will make you more clear look about the contractor.

   5)    Apply for the necessary permits:  yes, this is also a critical and necessary step. You must have take permits from state authority , you must have all the necessary permits of making a home,  you must have approved the Map of the home by state development municipal council,

   6)    Plan out the Budget: Budgeting your home building cost is an intelligent step, you must be aware about the prices of the construction material in the markets. You must visit the markets and you must ask the prices of the sand, bricks, and wooden material, so that you can make a roughly framework of the budget. You can ask for the contractor about the amount of the bricks and sand and cement to be used in the whole construction work to be done, he will give you a roughly idea about the construction material, its always good to know the prices of the material to be used in the construction work,

   7)    Hire an interior designer or an architect: if you want to get your home be designed by an architect or an interior designer, feel free to hire them, because they might increase your cost of construction, but they can make your dream home as you desired in the dreams, discuss with the interior designer and architect, tell them your requirements share your thoughts, do experiments, take their suggestions, have a look at their past work and accomplished projects.

   8)    Choose a plumber: while choosing a plumber for the home, you must be review his past works and last work done. So you must ask him for pipes and fittings to be used in the whole sanitary process.

   9)    Think about flooring: according to the budget allotted for the construction process. Make plans for the floorings you want in the home, either go for tiles or marble stone for the floorings.

   10)  Wooden work: it depends on you whether you want door frames of wood or iron. So you should survey in the market to know more about prices of both materials, we are suggesting iron door frames, as it is heavy and lifelong. Doors you can go for wooden doors. As it increases the beauty of the house. Either it can be polished or painted by wooden color paint.
    11) Simple Kitchen VS Modular Kitchen: Kitchen is the most important part in a house, as the kitchen is being managed by the head of the home, nowadays kitchen are becoming more stylish and fashionable. Modular kitchen are in trend, but its prices also costly. Modular kitchen have so many benefits rather than traditional kitchen, as modular kitchen made of ruff and tuff material which is steel, so it makes it more stylish and strong.
   12) Modular light switches: These days modular switches are in currently in trend, its gives are nice and sleek look in the home.
   After doing all this, make contract with contractor and start the construction work,
   Keep on visiting the site regularly and if you see any irrelevant constructed area or you find any mistake in   the construction work, just immediately discuss with the architect and contractor and make that mistake    clear.
Fix payment time with the contractor, according to the contract, payment is to be made step by step wise.


Manifestation of dream home coming true.                                      
Sky Life, a first of its kind in kundli. The sky perspective adds a lavish measurement to privileged living, offering pool, spa, recreational center and parlor. The bird eye ceiling ushering in Kundli to the hallowed circle with never before luxury and conveniences seen in a project of this stature.
Introducing sky - A grand swimming pool, Viewing Deck, Gymnasium, Yoga and Lounge. It's a private escape tucked above it all. Travel up the elevator from your private lobby and enter nirvana.
Created for the discerning, Havana Heights is pure joy.
Here, splendid configuration meets unbridled imagination merging space and structure flawlessly. Time streams unperturbed, heart pulsates to a calming cadence and the brain murmurs smoothly.
True luxury resides here.
The close proximity to  New  Delhi  has loaded an affair glance to the havanna heights.The  meander  is close  to  National Highway 1,for  direct  availability to Delhi  and Panipat . Close-by there is KMP street for direct section. The  Rajiv  Gandhi  heading city  is prompt  for  surrendering world class setting .Two  hallways called Global and Orbital  rail are incited in it. Mix  with proposed metro  rail. In like manner is handlock with proposed RRTS(Rapid Rail Transit  System). There  have been  supervision  of present day advanced  parks  formally in operational in  kundli  and  rai. Two  major  SEZ  have  been  looked after  .Proposed  dress stop in  Kundli  with sustenance park  known as  food  park. Wi-Fi enabled. Intercom system from main tower gate to the unit. CCTV around the complex. Video phone with electrically operated main door lock. Security system within  the flat   with  recording  facility.6 kw power backup will  be provided. Copper wiring in conduits   with Modular switches.  Provision of telephone points in drawing room, dining  room and all  bedrooms. Provision of TV aerial points in drawing room, lobby and  all bedrooms. All communication, entertainment, security system will be through optical fibre upto the flat. Modular wardrobes are provided .Split air-conditioning unit will be provided. 4 bedroom, 1 living room, 1kitchen, 4 toilet, 3 balcony.  3 side open houses.
The living room is decorated with imported marble .The bedrooms are laminated with wooden flooring with skirting, master bedroom with vitrified tiles. Balconies are non skid ceramic tiles. Kitchen is dado with ceramic tiles .15 ltr capacity geyser being provided. UPVC with float glass. Complete modular kitchen with granite counter with chimney and hub. All walls of  drawing  of drawing  and dining rooms/bedrooms  be  painted  with  plastic emulsion paint by Asian Paints  with  the color choice of the owner within the prescribed  price  range.
Ansal Api is among the leading realty and infrastructure companies of India, with a proven track record of over 4 decades. A widely reputed and professionally managed organization. Ansal API currently operates in a large range of business verticals such as Townships, Condominiums, Group Housings Malls, Shopping Complexes, Hotels, SEZs and IT parks. Besides expanding the business sectors, the company has been fast expanding its geographical presence in the past four decades.  


Boom  in  the   commercial   sector  by  the   upcoming  of  the  diverse industrial  estate  has grown  fish market in sudden  escape. The  primary  focus  of the commercialization is to widespread the economy  of the area. Several  factors   favour   the advancement of the Kundli  region  within instant pile  of time. All  the  basic  amenities needed  to develop in a region are already   acquainted  and  in  the  process of  being so. In  the  prevalent  time the idea  is to induce  as  much customers. Missions are  already  started  while many  much  more  are in due  state .Passing  of the ongoing   METRO/MONORAIL  project and well transport system shows esteemed uniqueness. Within 2 year there is optimum chance that financial sector would doodle to heights.
AMR  Group  has  newly  commercialized the open  market by portraying  Kessel Grand. By  evening best    to  bug  around  in nearby  as  NH-1  is  cornered. The  Mall  is epitome  by a Huge  Frontage of 300  ft ,with ample  car  parking  space ,newly  renovated  KFC has  a life turned experience. 
Ansal  Highway  Plaza is a  7  floors mall spreading from McDonald  to  Big Cinemas. This  3.75 acres  mall has the world famous food lounge. Revolving restaurant and many branded outlets will open in the coming future. .  Overall  picturising  Ansal being the best business to provide lucrative environment.
The parker mall is one of its kind of esteem destination where life is true colors. Dazzling 12 story high momentum hotel reflects the ecstatic showcase of glamour. The sagarratna, gulab lures the nuisance of life. Sweets are the center of the kind of attraction.
TDI Mall, Kundli is designed as a modernistic shopping complex offering best-in-class retail-cum-entertainment opportunities to suit diverse customer profiles.. The stunning use of vibrant colors and glass on the plaza facade together with a spacious atrium make the mall stand apart in terms of class and style. QCINEMAS , been the lighthouse of cinemas. BIKANER, BTW, Domino’s food lounges are the real spice of taste. Also a new School named TDI INTERNATIONAL School affiliated to CBSE has been opened  for the students .
Spread over 4lac sqfts ,Rodeo drive is a G+3 structure, designed and conceptualized as an integrated retail ,food and entertainment  joint. The multiplex on the top floor revised to digital experience for movies lover. For those travelling on highways and residents of Sonepat  the mall is pure elegance.
SCO-shop cum office are the high in demand these days as they are complete shopping hub.
 As the NH’s are  adjacent, the property rates are optimum ,and there is high chance that it will rise to its fullest. Various new malls will be opened in coming future and the price rise is reasonable.


 Today  Kundli  has  become the national pride in Industrial  estate rising high with flying colors. The Kundli  factor  is seen as syndrome among Industrialists.  High advancement  in the Kundli  area  enveloping  every prospectus of amenities shrewding from big entertainment to the flat towers, leaving no stones unturned  to  make it as hubspot . All efforts are taken to empathize the well constructed town. With  close proximity ,easy connectivity, entry of a host of commercial projects, Kundli is indisputably  the center  of attraction. Today it  has  become the wail destination  for investors in Delhi & NCR. The last decade has been a landmark for industrial evolution in the area.
This suburb 30 km north of ISBT, has renewed  itself and is all set to achieve a prominent place on the industrial map of the country. Situated at the highway connecting Delhi to Chandigarh, the place is a hub for industries, especially steel and agricultural. The short distance of less than 25 kms from major North Delhi areas like Pitampura,   Rohini,  Ashok Vihar, etc., and smooth roads have made Kundli a favorite amongst the industrialists residing in the northern part of the city. Those living in North and West Delhi are now investing in the Kundli, Sonepat,  Panipat  belt.
Kundli  has an upper edge as all the three sectors industrial , residential , commercial pave its economic growth . In industrial section there  are  lot of go downs  , cold storage ,  warehouses. A platform of industrialists came into existence in the year 1990. Since then it has been making collective efforts to further the cause of sustainable growth. Small, medium and large industries in various business segments like textile, food processing, industrial equipments, engineering goods,  housewares , plastics, rubber products, packaging , chemicals, consumer products etc. predominate.
Inspite of these high efforts, other mega projects will be seen as new  enlightened  market. The progression will  be extreme as the projects speak off. The government has taken all necessary efforts to immolate .Industralists highly favour this  new market  town as luxury sighted in. Irrespective of other NCR regions ,kundli is pollution free, less prone to earthquake.   Hence higher hand on other NCR regions. Kundli  provides all basic amenities  like water,24 hr electricity, security ,modern infrastructure. Accessibility to Table Tennis court, Badminton court ,club membership, parking  facilities of various level .Rajiv Gandhi Education City has been in developing purpose where  many reputed universities has registered their presence.  With  the advent of it many areas of development like employment has triggered. So, it emphasis  the boom in the market. The high speed internet  corridor, facilities emerging to influence the sector to esteemed name. The  upcoming Metro project has added new dimensions to industrial  horoscope.Well transport  system ,near to NH-1,just minute drive from national high ways has emulsified  the project. Strong  project on road construction inner and outer macmillan the pave.
Laying the foundations  of  Rs 2,200  crore  would be spent on construction of the Rail Coach Factory at Sonipat in the state. Most of the developers in Kundli are emerging this Industrial town to Real Estate. Many Residential   and commercial sectors  have been set up. Thus there is high chance that property rates will  rise to its fullest  in the coming future. Among  them  are Ansal ,Tdi, Sunshine ,Parker Residency ,Ushay  Tower.  Also  in commercial  sector   Kfc, Mcdonald, Big Cinemas,  QCinemas has added un upper advantage. The atmosphere is  absorbing and touching. So  its favourable condition has attracted many investors to roast  a curry here.
“Last  but not the least “Kundli  is driving” is an affirmative  notion one can applaud to its way.”

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