Today  Kundli  has  become the national pride in Industrial  estate rising high with flying colors. The Kundli  factor  is seen as syndrome among Industrialists.  High advancement  in the Kundli  area  enveloping  every prospectus of amenities shrewding from big entertainment to the flat towers, leaving no stones unturned  to  make it as hubspot . All efforts are taken to empathize the well constructed town. With  close proximity ,easy connectivity, entry of a host of commercial projects, Kundli is indisputably  the center  of attraction. Today it  has  become the wail destination  for investors in Delhi & NCR. The last decade has been a landmark for industrial evolution in the area.
This suburb 30 km north of ISBT, has renewed  itself and is all set to achieve a prominent place on the industrial map of the country. Situated at the highway connecting Delhi to Chandigarh, the place is a hub for industries, especially steel and agricultural. The short distance of less than 25 kms from major North Delhi areas like Pitampura,   Rohini,  Ashok Vihar, etc., and smooth roads have made Kundli a favorite amongst the industrialists residing in the northern part of the city. Those living in North and West Delhi are now investing in the Kundli, Sonepat,  Panipat  belt.
Kundli  has an upper edge as all the three sectors industrial , residential , commercial pave its economic growth . In industrial section there  are  lot of go downs  , cold storage ,  warehouses. A platform of industrialists came into existence in the year 1990. Since then it has been making collective efforts to further the cause of sustainable growth. Small, medium and large industries in various business segments like textile, food processing, industrial equipments, engineering goods,  housewares , plastics, rubber products, packaging , chemicals, consumer products etc. predominate.
Inspite of these high efforts, other mega projects will be seen as new  enlightened  market. The progression will  be extreme as the projects speak off. The government has taken all necessary efforts to immolate .Industralists highly favour this  new market  town as luxury sighted in. Irrespective of other NCR regions ,kundli is pollution free, less prone to earthquake.   Hence higher hand on other NCR regions. Kundli  provides all basic amenities  like water,24 hr electricity, security ,modern infrastructure. Accessibility to Table Tennis court, Badminton court ,club membership, parking  facilities of various level .Rajiv Gandhi Education City has been in developing purpose where  many reputed universities has registered their presence.  With  the advent of it many areas of development like employment has triggered. So, it emphasis  the boom in the market. The high speed internet  corridor, facilities emerging to influence the sector to esteemed name. The  upcoming Metro project has added new dimensions to industrial  horoscope.Well transport  system ,near to NH-1,just minute drive from national high ways has emulsified  the project. Strong  project on road construction inner and outer macmillan the pave.
Laying the foundations  of  Rs 2,200  crore  would be spent on construction of the Rail Coach Factory at Sonipat in the state. Most of the developers in Kundli are emerging this Industrial town to Real Estate. Many Residential   and commercial sectors  have been set up. Thus there is high chance that property rates will  rise to its fullest  in the coming future. Among  them  are Ansal ,Tdi, Sunshine ,Parker Residency ,Ushay  Tower.  Also  in commercial  sector   Kfc, Mcdonald, Big Cinemas,  QCinemas has added un upper advantage. The atmosphere is  absorbing and touching. So  its favourable condition has attracted many investors to roast  a curry here.
“Last  but not the least “Kundli  is driving” is an affirmative  notion one can applaud to its way.”

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