Today Kundli-Sonepat  has been emerged as the residential hub . Kundli is seen as the bright prospectus while monitoring its heights. With the foundations of PARKER, MAXHEIGHTS DREAM HOMES ,TDI ,ANSAL’S market is booming  with flying colors. The prices of floors , villas are  affordable between 40-90  lakh Rupees. As the KUNDLI region is very near  to KARNAL Bypass, the DELHITIES have an easy access.
The apartment homes are real treasure of heart as they are well furnished , decorated and airy.
Mc Donald ,KFC,BIKANER , BTW,Domino’s food lounges are the real spice of taste.
QCINEMAS ,BIG Cinemas been the lighthouse of cinemas.
Also a new School named TDI International School affiliated to CBSE is the most highlighted part of it.
As the NH-1 is adjacent, the property rates are optimum and there is high chance that it will rise to its fullest.
Passing  of the ongoing   METRO/MONORAIL project and well transport system shows esteemed uniqueness.
Seen as security  and law system , Police patrolling the SONIPAT district lay no hands unturned.
Briefing  this wide advent of KUNDLI scope it is brightly a limelight heart.
The  projects for development are going on at high brisk rate and further new are carried on.
Also the atmosphere is daisy to live in and one  can mesmerize  the standard note of Mumbai.