Home Construction Tips for Indians 2015

Construction of any building or Home contains so many of steps; these steps are critical and mind confusing for you.
There are so many factors on which you have to think while constructing your dream home.
     ·        Choose Location

     ·        Availability of utilities

     ·        Surroundings infrastructure

     ·        Choose a Contractor

     ·        Apply for the necessary permits

     ·        Plan out the Budget

     ·        Hire an interior designer and an architect

     ·        Choose a plumber

     ·        Think about flooring

     ·        Wooden work (Doors/Windows)

     ·        Simple Kitchen VS Modular Kitchen

     ·        Modular Light switches

   1)    Choose Location: first step is to choose location where you want to build your dream home, Choose   location according to your comforts, the location must be near to all the social places like Bus stand, Railway station, Markets and Health services. Because you have to spend your life at this location only, so choose location very intelligently.

   2)    Availability of resources and utilities: you must have a close look at the resources and utilities available at the location or in the surroundings, like water availability, and electricity conditions in that area.

   3)     Surroundings infrastructure: Surroundings around your home location must be developed. We mean to say, there must be nice people surroundings around your home and the area must be well developed, so that you can live some social life there around your home, the location must not be far from the city, it must be easily approachable and it must be well connected with public transport facility.

   4)    Choose a contractor: this step is very important while building the home, you must choose an experienced contractor to build your dream home, because only an experienced contractor is can faithful and dependable, you must check his recently developed projects, you must talk to his previous clients about his services, about his work, it will make you more clear look about the contractor.

   5)    Apply for the necessary permits:  yes, this is also a critical and necessary step. You must have take permits from state authority , you must have all the necessary permits of making a home,  you must have approved the Map of the home by state development municipal council,

   6)    Plan out the Budget: Budgeting your home building cost is an intelligent step, you must be aware about the prices of the construction material in the markets. You must visit the markets and you must ask the prices of the sand, bricks, and wooden material, so that you can make a roughly framework of the budget. You can ask for the contractor about the amount of the bricks and sand and cement to be used in the whole construction work to be done, he will give you a roughly idea about the construction material, its always good to know the prices of the material to be used in the construction work,

   7)    Hire an interior designer or an architect: if you want to get your home be designed by an architect or an interior designer, feel free to hire them, because they might increase your cost of construction, but they can make your dream home as you desired in the dreams, discuss with the interior designer and architect, tell them your requirements share your thoughts, do experiments, take their suggestions, have a look at their past work and accomplished projects.

   8)    Choose a plumber: while choosing a plumber for the home, you must be review his past works and last work done. So you must ask him for pipes and fittings to be used in the whole sanitary process.

   9)    Think about flooring: according to the budget allotted for the construction process. Make plans for the floorings you want in the home, either go for tiles or marble stone for the floorings.

   10)  Wooden work: it depends on you whether you want door frames of wood or iron. So you should survey in the market to know more about prices of both materials, we are suggesting iron door frames, as it is heavy and lifelong. Doors you can go for wooden doors. As it increases the beauty of the house. Either it can be polished or painted by wooden color paint.
    11) Simple Kitchen VS Modular Kitchen: Kitchen is the most important part in a house, as the kitchen is being managed by the head of the home, nowadays kitchen are becoming more stylish and fashionable. Modular kitchen are in trend, but its prices also costly. Modular kitchen have so many benefits rather than traditional kitchen, as modular kitchen made of ruff and tuff material which is steel, so it makes it more stylish and strong.
   12) Modular light switches: These days modular switches are in currently in trend, its gives are nice and sleek look in the home.
   After doing all this, make contract with contractor and start the construction work,
   Keep on visiting the site regularly and if you see any irrelevant constructed area or you find any mistake in   the construction work, just immediately discuss with the architect and contractor and make that mistake    clear.
Fix payment time with the contractor, according to the contract, payment is to be made step by step wise.